Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Record cold temperatures

You won't learn the following news from any mainstream media outside Alaska because it is not convenient for the global warming agenda. Alaska, one of the symbols of global warming, has experienced record cold temperatures for June. Temperatures dropped as low as 18 degree Fahrenheit. That's 8 degrees below the usual annual minimum June temperatures. The records were improved by 3 degrees or so. The cold snap was a major catastrophe for the Emers family who lost $5,000 worth of tomatoes. As lyrics of a song says, sometimes the snow comes down in June.

Of course, Alaska is not the only freezing place. One week ago, Horsham, a town in Australia, has recorded its coldest temperature ever, -6.5 degrees Celsius. In Forbes, they recorded their lowest May temperatures in 133 years, too. Chilly weather has also been a nightmare for grape growers in Ohio, Michigan, and New York. Ohio has experienced one of the coldest Mays in the last 100 years. At the Time magazine has told us, a new ice age is coming. Be afraid. Be very afraid. ;-)

One of the previous postings of a similar kind described freezing Europe in January 2006.

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