Friday, June 16, 2006

Rosen & Rosen about Harvard

Two Rosens (Harvard alumni), zero Einsteins, and zero Podolskys wrote an intelligent

about the contrast between the magnificent commencement at Harvard on one side and the difficult co-existence of the president with the (hard left) reactionary elements at the same university on the other side.

Thomas Menino, the mayor of Boston, has renamed Boston to Summers Place, or at least he gave Lawrence Summers a sign bearing these words, saying that the things that his friend Larry Summers has done in the 5+ years will last forever. As the Crimson points out, it should not be unexpected that the last large celebration of Summers took place behind the iron curtain - which is, in the case of Greater Boston, apparently called the Charles River.

According to the Harvard student newspaper, Yelena Dergacheva who has taken an English course at the Harvard Extension School received an invitation to the event and she said:

  • "I wanted to see Larry Summers and Mayor Menino. I think that [Summers] is a great man and we are upset [primarily at the f#### politically correct police] that he is gone."

The previous blog story about a similar story included Donald Rumsfeld and I also recommend you the article by Martin Peretz. If you're interested who was the immediate, microscopic person who forced Summers to resign, the Crimson explains that it was a student who had to withdraw from the MBA program because of poor grades, and later became a member of the Harvard Corporation - to join a big shot feminist member of the Corporation who was unreliable for a long time. It usually works like that.

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