Thursday, July 27, 2006

Climate science in the House and Democrats

Guido has pointed out a recent TechCentralStation's article

about some "obtuse" Democratic representatives, as Guido puts it. The article includes excerpts from the recent hearing with the climate scientists - such as Gerry North who led the NAS panel - and statisticians - such as Edward Wegman, the author of the recent report showing that most climate scientists are crackpots in statistics.

After I read the comments by Ms. Jan Schakowsky, Ms. Tammy Baldwin, Mr. Bart Stupak, Mr. Jay Inslee and others, you may guess that my reaction would be slightly more violent than Guido's reaction or Prof. Hans von Storch's reaction - but I will ask you to try to imagine what I would say if I had to say something about it. But Hans von Storch is actually not that far from what I would say Ms. Schakowsky.

Note that I am politically correct, so my list of obtuse representatives included two women and two men - even though, I admit, the women were dumber, especially the first one.

Incidentally, Jay Inslee also thinks that theories of gravity should no longer be debated, apparently because he is ignorant of string theory as Duane Freese pointed out. ;-)

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