Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Congress on global warming

A committee of the U.S. Congress - or its Whitfield subcommittee - debates the paleoclimate reconstructions online. You can see this

Edward Wegman - who voted for Al Gore in 2000 - has deconstructed the "hockey stick graph". He and others have shown why the hockey stick shape is a result of a decentering error and disappears as soon as the error is fixed. He also says that the rest of the paleoclimate community is not independent of Michael Mann who has had 43 co-authors.

Michael Mann does not find the U.S. Congress too important, and he has sent a lawyer instead.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have mostly given up Michael Mann, agreeing that his kind of science is crap, and try to argue that there exists other evidence of anthropogenic global warming although it is not 100% clear to your humble correspondent what this other evidence is supposed to be. Crowley tries to confirm the Democrats' viewpoint with boreholes etc.

Some of the Gentlemen are rather impressive guys - Wegman, North, Carl, Crowley, von Storch, and McIntyre is the full list. Hans von Storch, the former chairman of the German Society of Donald Duck, got pretty lively, and you can already see his testimony.

An extensive discussion about this program can be followed at ClimateAudit.

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