Thursday, July 06, 2006

Czech hurricane

Figure 1: the eye of a Czech hurricane as seen on 6/29/2006

Kevin Vranes has nearly predicted that the global warming judgement day was coming to the Czech Republic. After a very cold May and a hot June, the Czech Republic had several days of rain last week. Right now, it is sunny again and I got a mild sunburn yesterday. No one in the Czech Republic has noticed the hurricane. The rains caused some floods at the upper portion of some rivers - a 60-year flood at one particular place - but there were no floods at the lower parts of the rivers, certainly not anything that could be compared for example to the floods in summer 2002.

I am pretty sure that we used to see these eyes on the satellite images many times when I was a kid. The only difference is that we were not being told that it meant the end of the world. Also, truth to be said, the Czechoslovak communists respected the U.S. president - Ronald Reagan - much more than the hysterical left-wing U.S. blogosphere respects the current president today.

I don't know whether the global leftists have learned anything from their miserable failures in the second world - but what is clear is that they became much worse and much less realistic in issues such as the environment, feminism, and security.

Thanks to WS for the hurricane tip.

Off-topic - murder: because this blog is again the number 1 Google hit for Mary Winkler, it is my duty to tell you that she killed her loving husband essentially because of $500 or $17,500 that she wasted from the family accounts on Nigerian and similar e-mail scams. Matthew Winkler did not like it - and he did not like how she was eating and walking either - so she had to shoot him with his gun because a divorce is impossible. But on the other hand, we must admit that she also said "I'm sorry" after the act.

Slovak politics: the European socialists have suspended the membership of a party for the first time in their history. The Slovak party "Smer sociálna demokrácia" - "Direction social democracy" was removed from the union technically because of their government with the far-right, anti-Hungarian "Slovak National Party" (SNS). (The former semi-dictator Mečiar is in the coalition, too.) The Czech prime minister Jiří Quimby Paroubek is the only European leftist leader who continues to support Robert Fico, the chairman of the populist party Smer. This shows both the inter-Czechoslovak friendship as well as the exceptionally bad taste of the Czechoslovak social democrats. ;-)

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