Thursday, August 10, 2006

Allah against islamofascists

Unlike July 2005, the British intelligence forces were able to prevent a terrorist attack on the British soil. The prepared high-tech attacks relied upon chemical compounds that would becreated on board. They were directed against as many as 10 airplanes flying from the U.K. to the U.S. The suspects - or let us call them the organizers - were British citizens.

Consequently, the security measures on the airports had to become even more strict than they have been ever before. In Great Britain, you are not allowed to take any personal belongings to the aircraft, except for a transparent plastic bag with your money and your passport. At other places, you have to prove that you can drink all the liquids you want to take with you. That's annoying and I hope that things won't be that severe on Thursday when I hopefully return from Prague to Boston via Milan, Italy. Otherwise I am not sure what to do with my laptop, among other things.

All these regulations are annoying and the islamofascists are exclusively responsible for all this mess - but on the other hand, I am of course happy that thousands of lives were probably saved. Allah doesn't seem to be behind these defective brains and broken hearts anymore. This was not the first attack that was thwarted.

Because the last elections in Italy have replaced the charismatic and permanently young Jesus Christ of politics, namely Silvio Berlusconi, by an old sourball named Romano Prodi whose enthusiasm in the war on terror is much more modest, I think that Italy might be removed from the list of principal targets. On the other hand, the Czech Republic is still an ally although most Czechs think that terrorism is something that has nothing to do with us.

Why is the country a U.S. ally? America plans to build a missile defense facility in Central Europe and the places that are being considered are in Poland and in Czechia. No doubt, most people are somewhat stupid: as much as 80 percent of the Czechs oppose such facilities. On the other hand, a majority of the voters of the neoliberal conservative Civic Democratic Party (ODS) supports such a facility. That includes your humble correspondent.

ODS would now win as much as 41 percent of the votes in new early elections. Such early elections are not too unlikely, after all. More than two months after the last parliamentary polls, it is still not clear who will be composing the new government and even the chief of the new Parliament is still unknown. The new preliminary answers that have crystallized today are: a minority government of ODS plus non-partisan technocrats, and Jiří Quimby Paroubek, the outgoing prime minister and the boss of the social democrats, as the chief of the Parliament.

We just saw the Pirates of the Carribean. The tricks were truly impressive. I am reading several physics book that will be released soon.

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  1. No I do not think 80% of Czechias are stupid. They have a legitimate reason to suspect the usefulness of a missile intercept system in Czech.

    Just have a look at the world map and see how tiny your home country is. Now randomly draw a trojectory of a missle across the map, what is the odd that it passes through the territory of Czech?

    The cross section area is so small that a nucleus has a better chance of intercepting a neutrino than Czech to intercept a nuclear missile flying by.