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Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1

This posting is written using the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Release Candidate 1. One month ago, Microsoft released the beta 3 of the program. I was still using the beta 2 version.

If you download the program from the

you won't have to uninstall the previous beta versions of IE7 because an automatic uninstall is now part of the software. After a minute with the genuinely annoying but straightforward validation procedure, the installer will urge you to reboot and it will finish the installation after you log in again twice.

The new IE7 will be offered as an optional critical update later in 2006; it is conceivable that it will be identical to the present RC1 version. An up-to-date IE7+ program will also become a part of the new operating system Windows Vista to be released in 2007.

The program works very well and real fast. All bugs I sent to the Microsoft IE guys who also have a blog have been fixed - e.g. the switching in between the keyboards by ctrl/shift now works. Some users have reported an incompatibility between IE7 RC1 and some external newsreaders such as Sharp Reader and FeedReader. Minor CSS-related layout problems occur with technically defective websites such as

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