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Jeffrey Epstein arrested

Jeffrey Epstein, a rich philantropist and a generous sponsor of sciences, was

What's the reason? He is charged with soliciting sex from prostitutes. You might think that this is the whole point of prostitutes that someone solicits sex from them. Except that in this case, some of them seem to be minors - 16 years old. So they're probably not any real prostitutes.

I think that these stories always share the same background. The kids and others who have had some kind of contact with various billionaires almost always think of possible ways to get a lot of money from their partners. The billionaire always thinks that every single act is consensual and supported by mutual feelings and permanent confidentiality - except that the non-billionaire frequently reveals that everything has been a theater. Another step in this play is to "improve" the story and file a lawsuit.

In 2003, Epstein has donated $30 million to Harvard and some voices have suggested that Harvard should return the money. I think that it is absurd, especially because of $390 million of donations that Harvard recently lost because of a politically "correct" witch-hunt.

Epstein has also paid a smaller amount of money to the Indian string theorists and I hope that no one will have the idea to return this money. I am convinced that science has very good reasons to be grateful to this man. At any rate, I wish Alan M. Dershowitz - a star lawyer who became Epstein's attorney - a lot of good luck in demonstrating something that is very likely anyway: that the girls' testimonies are not credible.

Because there has been some confusion, let me make it clear that I am absolutely supporting important laws protecting children from sex and from other activities for which the children are not ready. On the other hand, I am absolutely certain that there is no qualitative gap between children and the adult people. In certain cases, children may be much more mature than what is expected from their age. Also, in many cases, children should be responsible for their acts even though it is not the case according to the existing law. It is my belief that Epstein's story is an example of young women who are no longer naive. The girls liked obscene language and at least one of them enjoyed marijuana. Their job was closely related to selling sex for money. I guess that they knew extremely well what they were doing. They could have also pretended that they were older and do other things that helped their case.


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reader Quantoken said...


You get the whole idea wrong. It is not even a question of sex with under age girls. Read it:

Prostitution is ILLEGAL in America.

Well, prostitution may be legal in Czech, or at least in border cities near Germany, or right across. But it is illegal here in the United States.

It doesn't matter whether the object is under age or not, or if alchol is involved or not. Any time you have sex and money mixed, it's prostitution, and it is illegal. So don't mix money and sex together.

reader swededoc said...

Lubos, Read the police investigation on the Smoking Gun. It is clear that you are not familiar with the LAW in the United States. Jeffrey Epstein is a pedophile. Money may buy sex in the Czech Republic, but not here. You are reaping the benefits of an education in the United States of America. Please respect the legal and moral values that have built this opportunity for you. If not, I am sure there are many unemployed physicists who are delivering pizzas and driving cabs in Prague

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear quantoken and swededoc,

I realize, of course, that prostitution is illegal in the US. But I also know very well that I am allowed - because of the First Ammendment - to think that this regulation of the oldest craft and market in the world is medieval in character.

So I wish the attorneys to find whatever paragraphs they need to achieve the same outcome that Epstein would get in any country that doesn't have these laws like most of Europe, namely innocence.

Swededoc, when you're so painfully blackmailing me, which position do you think I prefer? Certain things about the US, and the far left wing academia in particular, just drive me up the wall. Prostitution is among the last things I care about but banning it is also incompatible with my ideas about a free country.

And Quantoken, I don't think it is fair to call what he did "sex".


reader Luboš Motl said...

Incidentally, one of you was talking about the border areas near Germany, to pretend that prostitution could be illegal in the rest of the countries or that it only exists because the police is not powerful enough.

That's, of course, bullshit. Prostitution, while viewed as problematic, is legal in virtually all of these countries, at the full territories. Prostitutes pay taxes. In some countries, pimping is illegal.

For example see the status in Germany here. Of course that it is legal in all of Germany. Haven't you ever seen brothels in Hamburg or Amsterdam? What kind of 21st century person you are if you have not?

I like America but a certain combination of the religious fanatism of the far right from the past and political correctness is designing a whole plethora of wrong laws. It's not a new thing: a few centuries ago, there were also witch-hunts here, reproducing what we used to have in Europe several centuries earlier. America mainly imports concepts from Europe and makes them bigger. I know very well that I don't have to think that these US laws are good. And I am a big fan of freedom, so you shouldn't expect that I would suddently start to think that the medieval laws are better than the liberal laws in the Union whose citizen I am right now.

I am not involved in prostitution in any way, and I am sure that if this is not enough for someone, he or she is a bigot who is not worth a serious discussion.

My guess is that these laws will eventually be changed in the US, too. It is because the US society copies Europe in social respects, with a multi-decade or multi-century delay, and always makes the new trends from Europe even more pronounced. ;-) That's how America has worked since 1492. Otherwise the country might face an outflow of single billionaires and enterpreneurs to more free countries (in this respect). ;-)

reader Luboš Motl said...

I forgot to say that prostitution is not illegal everywhere in the US. There are legal brothels in Nevada, and sex for money is also legal in Rhode Island.

Prostitution is also legal in Canada although other jobs that are normally related to it are not legal.

Of course, nothing can compare to the Netherlands where the prostitutes have unions just like all other jobs.

Another reason why I think that prostitution will be becoming more legal in the US will be the influence of the war of civilizations. While Europe is tolerant about these things, Muslim countries normally have death penalty for prostitution.

I think that the tendency of the US will be to be less similar to the primitives in the Muslim countries who kill because of these acts that don't hurt anyone - except of hurting religious sensibilities of certain powerful groups of people.

Killing someone for prostitution is analogous to killing of children for their drawings of Mohammed, and these kinds of punishment show that the country is a country of religious primitives controlled by bigotry because the social danger of prostitution is uncomparably smaller than the size of the punishment. Here I talk about killing of the "sinners" but I don't really mean just killing.

If Epstein is gonna be punished, he might be one of the last people who will suffer because of these laws resembling the religious fanatical words of the Muslim totalitarian states.

reader thecongressmanandhisdoctor said...

Mr Epstein clearly is a pedoplile. You represent a dazzling example of situational ethics, the ethical bread and butter of sociopaths.

reader thecongressmanandhisdoctor said...

Perhaps Epstein will hire you for his defense team.
I am quite sure you would welcome his check.
hope you are not babysitting.
Read NYT (National Section) September 3, 2006

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