Monday, August 07, 2006

KGB, 2006 edition

From: Aaron Sheldon [KGB, 2006 edition]
To: Cosmic Variance, Not Even Wrong, and most other blogs linking The Reference Frame
Sent: Friday, August 04, 2006 10:18 AM
Subject: A Request to Remove Links to Lubos Blog

It does not give me any pleasure to make this request; however I am ethically obliged to ask that you remove any references to the Lubos Motls Reference Frame

In light of Lubos support for the continued victimization and predation of the most vulnerable members of our society [in this case, prostitutes who plan to earn 1000 times more for 1% of what they normally do, comment by LM] in his post [about Jeffrey Epstein] he has lost any legitimacy in the discussions that form our society.

I am sorry to trouble you with this, but this is my responsibility.

... [end of quote] ...

LM: It does not give me any pleasure to admit it but until the ideological fanatics, terrorists, and the hardcore informers of KGB and its modern counterparts are going to be arrested or otherwise neutralized, we can be neither free nor safe.

These people who are "responsible" for intimidation and attacks against people who can't support the informers' narrow-minded and radical political ideology are dangerous for the society and for millions of individual citizens in particular. During the 20th century, these people have killed tens of millions of people. They have no respect to elementary human rights, freedom, and the human dignity. They will do everything and anything to control the society completely. In fact, they have already done so many times in the past.

You know, in Czechoslovakia whose population was 15 million, ten percent were members of the communist part and one percent of the people were agents of StB, the Czechoslovak counterpart of KGB. They were doing exactly the same things as the author of the e-mail above: they were informing the "authorities" every time they have found someone in their environment who was not convenient for the "official" ideology so that the authorities could invent some consequences for the "anti-socialist elements".

After 1989, we neither executed nor arrested this moral bottom of the society, and I was always proud that our revolution was a Velvet Revolution. The only thing that was done against them in Czechoslovakia was the lustration law according to which the informers were not allowed to enter politics. Many times after 1989, I had many reasons to doubt that the Velvet Revolution was an optimal approach. But at any rate, it is a part of the Czech and Slovak national history.

The class of the informers is not only hyenic but also completely unrealistic. Even if all the links are removed from the "politically correct" blogs, it won't influence the number and composition of the visitors of this blog much because people clearly want to look at this blog and they are typically doing so because of different reasons than random clicks at some other, usually less important, blogs.

You can't just make a thing disappear by pretending that it's not there, dear KGB/PC agent. The only way to achieve the things you are dreaming about is to make a coup and grab the full control over the police, military, courts, and all other parts of the broader government. But I think - and I hope - that you will be killed before you succeed to do all these things. Good luck. ;-)

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