Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman goes independent

Joe Lieberman has always been a favorite Democrat of mine. As you know, most of the Connecticut Democrats have decided to agree with the recommendation of the radical left-wing blogs and punish Lieberman for being a good and respectable Gentleman who is not infinitely far from the president: they have replaced one of the most reasonable and well-known members of their party by a businessman who is so far a colorless political nobody, assuming that a majority of Connecticut citizens will digest their problematic game and elect Ned Lamont instead of the Republican candidate or (possibly) Lieberman running as an independent.

As your humble correspondent's humble correspondent pointed out, the leading far left-wing blogs went far beyond the replacement of Lieberman by a politically correct anti-war nobody. Their goal is nothing less than to invent enough lies and create sufficient emotions to destroy him, humiliate him, and make his life unlivable. Tom Jones from the Daily Kos community wrote:
  • As everybody knows, Jews ONLY care about the welfare of other Jews. We might better ignore all that Jewish propaganda about participating in the civil rights movement.

I did not see anyone who would disagree with these ideas on that page. Well, in reality, the radical left-wing fringe of the society is very much the same thing as the anti-Semitic corner of the same society. They're also very much the same people who tend to produce so many lies about theoretical physics and other fields but that's a different issue. ;-)

I normally don't like hatred but it is simply impossible not to despise these radical bloggers and commenters, especially the anonymous ones. In the Wall Street Journal, Lanny Davis, a liberal anti-war Democrat, has analyzed the radical left-wing blogosphere and concluded that the emotions of McCarthyism that used to be associated with right-wingers are now becoming a characteristic feature of the political Left.

Well, your humble correspondent could write 144 articles similar to Lanny Davis' text with lots of other examples how the hateful acts of the extreme liberal and politically correct activists contaminate our lives, including the life of the Academia. They are doing everything to make the life of all the good people who are not ashamed for being good unbearable, and this is why I dislike them so much.

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