Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The most expensive dinner

of my life so far occured yesterday in Prague, and thanks to those who have organized it and paid for it. It was a lot of fun. Given the fact that we used to have $50 and perhaps $100 dinners in the Society of Fellows, you might be surprised that Prague could beat it but it probably did. ;-)

Dear Benjamin, yes, I have beautiful pictures of Prague and you could also be told all the details about the dinner but I chose not to publish these things.

Bike anniversary

Today, my bike speedometer, reset in Summer 1995, showed 17,000 kilometers. If the bikes were used to move along the geodesics instead of oscillations between different parts of Pilsen and its vicinity and various parts of Greater Boston, I could have reached, your humble correspondent could have gotten to virtually any point on Earth such as North Korea. But who cares about North Korea anyway. ;-)


After a boiling July when temperatures surpassed 35 degrees Celsius almost every day, we have a freezing August with the temperatures quite safely below 20 degrees. Meanwhile, the East Coast faces temperatures such as 38 degrees.

Czech deadlock

Two months after the elections, the Czech Republic still doesn't have a new government and/or a boss of the new Parliament. And frankly speaking, no one cares. The invisible hand of the free market is what really matters and this hand is managing things quite well.

Viktor Kožený's bombshell

Viktor Kožený who might be extradited from the Bahamas is preparing a bombshell that will "terminate the political career of many Czech politicians and change the historical interpretation of their personalities". I am quite curious and it could be a lot of fun.

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