Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Osama bin Laden will always love a U.S. Catholic

It turns out that the terrorist superstar is obsessed with a U.S. Catholic who used to be a Baptist. At least, this is what we have learned from a former Sudanese girlfriend of Osama's who was raped by the master mind 10 years ago. The killer considers one of the most bestselling female symbols of the capitalist entertainment industry to be the most beautiful woman who has ever lived.

To make things worse for bin Laden, Whitney Houston has joined the Israeli sect called the "Black Hebrews" around 2003. Nevertheless, Osama's plan was easy: to kill Bobby Brown, Houston's husband, and to convert Whitney to Islam. Meanwhile, he forgot that he has been converted to the ideals and values of Catholicism, judaism, and consumer capitalism. It's time for Osama's collaborators, including Allah, to realize that their glorious leader has changed their religious movement to a ridiculous type of the Titanic and to cut his throat.

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