Friday, August 18, 2006

Six-hour delay

Except for a six-hour delay in Milan, the 24-hour-long trip from Pilsen to Cambridge has been straightforward; it was not an extraordinary flight, in a sense, although you would need a lot of fantasy or insanity to call such flights a pleasant experience. ;-) Good news for travelers: you can always take your laptops on board.

At Prague's new and beautiful Terminal 2, a blonde female official was pretty confident about that, and even though several men told me later that they were either not sure or they thought that the Italians in Milan were going to destroy the laptop, I trusted her and we were right. It seems that even the passengers in Great Britain are allowed to take their notebooks on board.

The departure from Milan was instantly rescheduled from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm but the aircraft eventually left Italy around 4:00 pm. The immigration officer was pleasant and funny. So far, Greater Boston looks very nice, especially the weather. Central Europe has been experiencing a very cold August so far - unlike the hypertropical July - but the weather here deserves to be called summer.

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