Monday, August 14, 2006

Time magazine: physics is a sin

I was alerted that the "be very afraid" Time magazine has joined the broad family of people and institutions that I simply can't have any respect for because of their complete lack of intellectual integrity. On
where they even don't know how to spell the name of John Schwarz correctly, they use not only the words of the physicists whom serious physicists almost never take seriously - for good reasons - as well as science critics who have not even tried to do science but also the words of Sean Carroll to achieve their main objective, namely to completely mislead the readers about the status of string theory. The role of Sean Carroll who adds a dumb general comment to this dirty, immoral, dishonest, and anti-scientific enterprise is absolutely no surprise for me.

The very same crap is also printed in New Scientist. This medium has always been dominated by crackpots anyway.

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