Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Will DESY produce axions?

This is not a real article, just a link to another

about the plans of DESY to produce dark matter assuming that dark matter is composed of axions. This experimental axion stuff, outlined more accurately in the paper by Andreas Ringwald, Ulrich Koetz, and Thomas Tschentscher (why can't he write Čenčer?)

is also related to the magneto-optical experiments done by the PVLAS collaboration that we described in March. Both teams are clearly excited by the same possibility.

Thanks to Klaus Lange for having pointed out the physweb.org article. The German week is now over.

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  1. From my theory results that the axions are not in existence and that the twisting of the polarization plane of photons in magnetic field is because the elementary photons they are the dipoles of the different weak charges connected with neutrinos i.e. the elementary photon it is the binary system of neutrinos. From my theory results that such dipole should interact with magnetic field. I am sure that in the ALPS experiment the axions will not be discovered because the internal helicity is connected with the internal structure of each particle with half-integral spin.