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Bill O'Reilly in Harvard's top ten

Congratulations to Bill O'Reilly. According to the new tabloid of Harvard alumni,

he has made it into the top ten of the most influential Harvard alumni. He rightfully celebrated this success on the Factor.

The first spot belongs to Bill Gates although it is not quite clear whether this wise guy is a real alumnus or just a partial one. ;-) The second spot went to George Bush. The third guy is Ben Bernanke who invented the Goldilocks. The number ten is Bill O'Reilly. He is ahead of various less important people - Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Natalie Portman, and many others. Moreover, Bill O'Reilly was the number one on the alumni's party.

O'Reilly predicts that this could mean the end of Harvard. On the contrary: this is the beginning of Harvard. O'Reilly says that it could also be ridiculous - the magazine is entertaining and smart. No way, the magazine is serious although it is not exactly addressed to the intellectuals among the Harvard alumni. Finally, O'Reilly suggests that it could mean that Harvard has finally embraced the no-spin-zone.

Exactly! "C" is correct. As a typical average member of Harvard faculty, I want to say that we admire Bill O'Reilly tremendously. We are proud about him and consider him to be one of the shining examples for all of us and for the students who will make it into the top ten list sometime in the future. ;-)

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