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First Czech "anti-discrimination" lawsuit lost

Ms. Marie Čauševićová became the first Czech woman who has sued her company, the Prague heating corporation, that didn't choose her as the financial director. As far as I can say, the only evidence she seems to have to support her statement that she was discriminated because she was a woman is that she is a woman. I was hoping it was not enough.

She was mainly rejected because of two Czech guys representing the interests of a British shareholder. She demanded one million Czech crowns (almost $50,000), the chair, and an apology.

Fortunately, she lost the lawsuit 30 minutes ago: so far, it is really not enough. No doubt, she will continue to create a bad mood. If e.g. a court of the European Union started to decide these lawsuits against common sense, I would support the Czech Republic's exit from the European Union because these things are just far too serious.

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