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A virgin throws away an LHC from the window

Update: How to get $25 million from Richard Branson

Figure 1: Bill Clinton with another virgin, more precisely with a Virgin boss

Sir Richard Branson has invited Al Gore into his house and Al Gore has convinced Branson to throw 3 billion U.S. dollars out of the window. The money will be used to pay for hot air. Note that the whole LHC project originally cost the same amount although the full amount has jumped three-fold or so. The postmodern world is just amazing: a charlatan comes into a billionaire's house and a whole fortune - in fact, most of Branson's assets - is instantly wasted for complete nonsense.

According to current market prices, Branson's gift will lower the temperature in 2050 by 0.00001 Kelvins which is, according to the missionaries, a good thing. According to your humble correspondent, it is madness and a fraction of the money should be spent for a good asylum for Sir Branson. Did Al Gore told him that he would get to the Heaven or what?

Czechia and global warming

Things look a bit different in the Czech Republic - a microscopic part of the reasons why I am kind of looking forward to be back. Václav Klaus, the Czech president, met the chairman of the right-leaning Green Party. Klaus said that the environmental problems are gonna be solved by the economic growth and the related higher demands of the population about the quality of their lives.

The green guy countered: "This debate is meant to suggest that everything's alright, but it is so in this hall only." Mr. Bursík also proposed to include the price of pollution into the expenses and mentioned that whenever he is climbing in the Alps, he sees retreating glaciers.

However, Klaus - who also likes to spend winters in the mountains - told him: "I would have to dispute every sentence of yours. Your contribution is a classical example how the factual data shouldn't be discussed and mustn't be discussed. Global warming caused by the humankind is a nonsensical fiction. On the contrary, we should expect that warming oceans will increase the precipitation above Antarctica and growing glaciers."

The president has also recommended the green politician to take a message from the debate - the message that the sustainable growth myth and the myth about renewable resources don't deserve a serious discussion.

The green chairman mentioned that he incorrectly expected that the president would play the role of the moderator. Instead, the green brain had to face three opponents, the president, the minister of industry, and Ivan Brezina, a journalist. ;-)

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