Thursday, October 05, 2006

Colbert Report: Manliness

Prof. Harvey Mansfield with Stephen Colbert:

Rather entertaining. Colbert says that the really manly men, first of all, don't read books. Should he call Prof. Mansfield a "Dr." or a "Mr."? Well, "Dr." can also be a woman, unfortunately, Colbert says. :-) So they chose "Mr."

Participating in such a comedy is another piece of Prof. Mansfield's manliness. ;-)

Moreover, the very being a conservative at Harvard is much like being a Danish cartoonist in a mosque. :-) They continue about manliness of Bush, Thatcher, Summers, and others, and non-manliness of John Kerry, and whether Mansfield's wife is bringing more than 1/3 of the income and less than 2/3 of the housework in which case the book is b***s***, Colbert suggests.

Manliness. Read it, learn it, live it. :-)

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  1. Of possible interest -string theory debated:

  2. there are so many f***ing stupid obese people in this country, it's disgusting.
    manliness? yeah, all the women look like men too.