Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jihad on Mass Ave

I was returning home and look what I saw near the Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge:

Click the picture to zoom in; another picture is here. Note that the Israeli sword on the picture is not only behind the occupation of "Palestine" (whose shape strikingly resembles the state of Israel) and behind the war in Iraq but also behind the killing in Darfur. Wow.

Did I react in any visible way? Not at all. I told myself: listen, Luboši, you know very well that in the People's Republic of Cambridge, the war on terror is over and it is not democracy and Bush who has won. You know very well who has more rights in this town and who is more welcome into this town - whether it is the right-wingers or the mujahideens like the "gentleman" above. And it is not the right-wingers: you have measured the answer too many times not to know, silly.

So, Luboši, keep on dreaming about a different town where this "gentleman" gets a proper thrashing. It's certainly not Cambridge, Massachusetts. He's the elite here and he essentially represents the mainstream opinions about America, about capitalism, about the democratic island called Israel in the non-democratic sea called the Middle East, and about the Islamic fascism: only the last entity is viewed as positive. Return to your role of a second class inhabitant, think how to survive for a few more months, and shut up, OK?

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