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Nobel prize in chemistry: Kornberg and eukaryotic transcription

Roger Kornberg of Stanford University has found the molecular basis of

and, incidentally, he was also awarded the

Congratulations. Roger Kornberg has become the sixth Nobel-prize-winning son of a Nobel-prize-winning father (his father received the 1959 medicine prize), together with Lawrence Bragg, Aage Bohr, Ulf von Euler, Kai Siegbahn, and George Paget Thomson. In the Curie family, there is also a mother-daughter and a father-daughter pair but there is no mother-son pair so far. ;-)

I guess that Prof. E.F. Keller will have to complain to the Swedish academy that they haven't yet realized that the genes should already have been superseded and outrageously distributed two Nobel prizes in the same year for genetics. ;-) In the same way, L. Smolin should complain that a winner of the physics Nobel prize from yesterday teaches string theory in full two classes of his relativity course which is surely incorrect and disagrees with the grandiose dreams of affirmative action for enemies of string theory. ;-)

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