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Nuclear North Korea: welcome but...

Czechoslovakia's former comrades from North Korea claim that they have successfully completed their first underground nuclear test. The U.S. agencies initially couldn't confirm the report but South Korea and Australia have detected tremor so the communist report is probably true. Later, USGS described it as a 4.2 magnitude earthquake, confirming the report, too.

Figure 1: The denotation with energy of 30-100 percent of a Hiroshima bomb (5-15 kilotons of TNT), according to Russian sources, fortunately occured in a horizontal isolated mountain tunnel and not in Seoul or Tokyo: 200,000 lives were saved.

If they were good guys who are among the first ones to realize this technological advance, I would add: "Congratulations." Not this time.

They can praise themselves, after all. The new weapon will strengthen the peace in the region. The success comes exactly at the time when North Korea is completing the construction of the modern socialist economy that will exceed and supersede the imperialist nations. Blah blah blah - I've been hearing these things for the first one half of my life.

Of course, the Democratic People's Republic - or, more precisely, the Totalitarian Party Leader's Dictatorship - is far from being the first dangerous country that has opened this Pandora's box so it would be exaggerated to paint the situation as a real crisis. Nevertheless, it is annoying, especially because the socialist nation seems to have untested ballistic missiles able to reach the U.S. territory.

The new Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe will probably find the test useful as a method to increase his support among the public: whenever your country faces a threat, the government becomes more important and more loved.

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