Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Esquire on Nima et al.

Esquire has a slightly different way of talking about physics:
They describe how Nima Arkani-Hamed doesn't sleep because when they turn the LHC on, it will either show that there is a single theory of everything at all scales, or "it could prove that Arkani-Hamed is full of [something]". ;-)

I actually think that Esquire is not responsible for the colorful choice of language. The article also talks about Witten, Macarena, Maldacena and his [correspondence], Jane Bond whose music from the bathroom describes how the the string theorists [do something], and some people and buildings of the Perimeter Institute. I don't really think it's a great article but at least the atmosphere in it is very different, more creative, psychologically balanced, and more human than in some of the recent texts in the media.

Because this weblog is apparently more formal than Esquire, we have omitted some potentially controversial words. The words in brackets above should have been [tihs], [etabrutsam], and [kcuf dnim] backwards. :-)

Via David Goss.

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