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Joe Lieberman wins

Joe Lieberman will remain a senator! That's a very good news because various extreme political forces and hateful websites such as were doing everything they could to eliminate this brave and independent senator: for these forces, a heretic is worse than an infidel. ;-)

They nominated a noname single-issue candidate against Joe Lieberman. This rich candidate whom I found rather unpleasant has wasted millions of dollars of his private money for his campaign. But Joe Lieberman is a different class: if he needs to fight without his Democratic Party, let be it. Congratulations to Joe Lieberman.

Here in Massachusetts, Deval Patrick (D) will become the first black governor while Kennedy is re-elected. Nancy Pelosi said something along the lines that we are on the edge of a new great feed-trough as she is going to become the new House majority leader. (Is this FT word ever used in political English?)

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