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Milton Friedman died

Sad news for all friends of freedom and free markets. Milton Friedman died because of heart failure at the age of 94. According to George Will, Friedman was the most consequential intellectual of the 20th century. Friedman, an extraordinary decent Gentleman and a well-known winner of the Nobel memorial prize in economics, has also been a well-known Eurosceptic and climate sceptic.

I first learned about Friedman from the former finance minister and prime minister Václav Klaus who is now the Czech president. Incidentally, Klaus just wrote a nice article in the Time magazine about Margaret Thatcher.

Scientific American has determined that string theory is as testable as Friedman's economics. Independently of that, Human Events have argued that Friedman's ideas were as obvious as string theory when his book came out. You could wonder whether it is a compliment and for whom it is a compliment. I personally think that it is a compliment for both sides. ;-)

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