Saturday, November 18, 2006

Zune vs iPod

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I have nothing whatsoever against Apple but I never quite understood why the iPod became such a special product, as opposed to any other MP3/WMA player (and the iPod doesn't even play WMA). And it is likely that even with Microsoft's Zune, the iPod will remain its own category. Despite the fact that Zune means the F*** word in Hebrew: thanks, Paul.

Nevertheless, the Zune is probably an interesting product. Its 30 GB hard disk matches my laptop. It plays various formats and unlike the iPod, it can send music files to other Zunes that are up to 15 meters away from you. The video can also be played in the anthropic landscape mode, with automatic switching from the portrait mode, unlike the iPod. Unlike the iPod, Zune also has an FM tuner, preloaded audio, preloaded video, third color (brown), $14.99 of unlimited downloads a month, XBOX integration, flexible background, WMA and WMV playback.

Concerning the design, I would probably prefer the Zune design if I had to decide. The Macintosh-like design of the windows on the display seems somewhat irritating to me which may be a result of my frustrating experience with a very slow and unstable Macintosh in Santa Cruz more than 6 years ago. Also, the relatively bigger display of Zune seems as a clear advantage and a sign of future. Disadvantages are listed in the fast comments.

In 2007, Zune and iPod may become just child versions of the übergadgets that may become the key players. Nokia N95 for $700 is an extended cell phone that will have a five-megapixel camera, integrated GPS, 802.11g Wi-Fi, HSDPA, microSD, 150MB RAM, and an internal computer. Sony Ericsson and Samsung will offer their competitors.

On Friday, Sony started to sell a couple of PlayStation3 units in the U.S. People were waiting in lines throughout the night, resembling the scenes we know from socialism. In Connecticut, two guys attempted to shoot another PlayStation3 fan who had to be hospitalized. However, reviews indicate that PS3 doesn't beat Microsoft's Xbox 360 that is already 1 year old and costs $399.


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  2. Well, Lubos all Apple products got ahead due to a very unique sort of snob effect- we're using here a product which isnt meant for everybody haha!
    So Zune never did have a dent on ipod sales, right. And iPod has yet to find a competitor. And Nintendo sliced thru the sales of Sony.
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