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2006: a bad year for climate fearmongers

If you think that the format and logic of this text is childish, I tend to agree. But it was invented by RealClimate.ORG, not your humble correspondent... ;-)

The worst temperature news for the alarmists:

The worst hurricane news for the catastrophic global warming theorists:

The worst legal news for the environmental activists:

The #1 event in the climate science according to RealClimate.ORG:

The most inconvenient extraterrestrial news:

The most inconvenient news from the United Nations:

The event that has divided the ecofanatics most visibly:

The new insight that has divided climate fearmongers and other tree-huggers most profoundly:

The worst software of the year:

The brightest new celebrity contributing to the climate change analyses:

The most famous new French scientific climate skeptic:

The most distinguished scholar who became, on the contrary, a new global warming convert:

The most relevant climate policy report by a left-wing think tank:

The most honest statement by a director of an alarmist institute:

The oldest eminent physicist who has been a climate skeptic:

The most professional climate blog:

The best sold book by a student of John Wheeler:

The most "dangerous" technological idea that could mean that even the hypothetical global agreement that it is wise to cool down the Earth won't be enough to establish the world government and to cripple the world's economy:

The worst news for the proponents of the idea that the current warming was unprecedented:

The second worst news for the proponents of the idea that the current warming was unprecedented:

The insight of elementary school biology that is most inaccessible to the environmental believers and the best as well as the most irritating slogan of the year:

The most visible single emitter of carbon dioxide:

The most reproducible climate effect:

The most candid CEO:

The most inconvenient number about the attribution of the greenhouse effect:

The second most inconvenient number about the attribution:

The worst new pre-historical insight for climate fearmongers:

The most devastating finding falsifying the climate models that is 55 million years old:

The most unpleasant discovery that is more than 250 million years old:

The most deadly event killing citizens of a civilized country, similar to a heat wave:

The best athlete who hasn't yet been brainwashed:

The most inconvenient weather events:

The country with the highest number of record cold temperatures:

The most inconvenient news from cold regions:

The president with the most reasonable opinions about the climate:

The most interesting "alternative" framework to explain the weather patterns:

The hemisphere whose temperatures make it the most outspoken climate skeptic among the hemispheres:

The worst investment of a billionaire:

The worst news from the Roman empire:

The most influential propagandistic movie & the movie coining the most popular new adjective:

The most devastating documentary that was created in 2006 and will be aired in 2007:

The most awkward assumption one must believe in order to think that it presents a strong argument:

The most educative fiction novel:

Too bad if the author has already seen the list without his entry. Thanks, Rafa, but this entry was really missing just because the book has already appeared in 2004. ;-)

The most cited old newspaper article whose lesson shouldn't be forgotten:

More seriously: these battles may be fun and indeed, they are fun. But unlike RealClimate.ORG, I don't believe that everything that happens always supports one direction of thinking and ridicules the opposite direction. There exist cool days as well as hot days, dangerous events as well as safe events, and no one should think that everything is just white and not black. Happy New Year!

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