Saturday, December 02, 2006

BBC on Gross and Wilczek

If you have 8 minutes to spend with a BBC document on Gross, Wilczek, and to a lesser extent Politzer, open one of these RealVideo files:

You will see Wilczek playing the piano and both of them explaining their stories. Gross also mentions his foolish former colleague from Princeton who said to Gross a few months after their discovery that the theory could be nice but it could never be verified in Gross' lifetime.

You may also enjoy these videos from 2004-2006:

Most Nobel lectures are available and the new ones are converted to digitized videos: you just replace the year and the last name by whomever you're interested in. Let me focus on high-energy physics:

Older lectures such as Heisenberg's lecture are usually available in the PDF format only.

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