Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hydropower may be #1 greenhouse gas source

Normally we consider the hydropower plants to be environmentally friendly. However, when the greenhouse effect is counted as an undesirable process and when the analysis is made properly, things may look very different.

Did you think that the greenhouse gas emissions came from factories, power plants, cars, airplanes, cows, and sheep only? Think twice.

According to a fresh paper published in Taiwan, as well as similar reports released as early as in 2002, hydropower plants may be more potent sources of greenhouse gases even than oil-burning and coal-burning plants.

Organic materials are prevented from flowing down stream: they can't decompose and they cause emissions of methane and nitrous oxide. One ton of methane causes the same greenhouse effect as 21 tons of carbon dioxide while one ton of nitrous oxide causes the same greenhouse effect as 200 tons of carbon dioxide so you should better not neglect these gases if you didn't neglect CO2.

The message is very clear. If we listen to some of those politicians who are out there and if the greenhouse gases are eventually labeled as pollutants, we will have to start to exterminate all cows, sheep, and other mammals and demolish all power plants including the hydropower plants. Think twice.

IPCC downgraded

The IPCC climate panel of the United Nations is going to release a new report in 2007. In agreement with the information available to this blog through other means, the abundance and influence of the ideologically driven charlatans in the IPCC panel has been reduced. That will inevitably lead to a reduction of the predictions and the observed paranormal signals, much like it always happens when you study telekinesis or telepathy under a more strict scientific supervision. Indeed,

reports that one-half of their previous predictions of sea level rises has been slashed, much like with the attribution of the observed warming since the beginning of the industrial era to the humans. Julian Morris, executive director of International Policy Network, has an advise for governments what to do before they throw billions of pounds away for inconsequential policies: Think twice.

The article makes it clear that there are still loud charlatans in the panel. Nevertheless if the progress continues to be linear, the following IPCC report would already be free of the global warming threats and related scientifically bizarre phenomena. If the ESP effect is going to fade away exponentially, the following IPCC report after the 2007 report will contain one quarter of the 2001 predictions of various catastrophes which is progress, too.

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