Thursday, December 21, 2006

Instalanche and a hockey stick graph

Did you ever worry that the last global warming skeptic is suddenly going to say Wow, now I see that they were right? Were you ever afraid that the last skeptic would post his own version of the hockey stick graph proving that the the climate was getting catastrophically hot in the 20th century?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the scary moment has arrived.

You can see that the 13th century was pretty warm but nothing can compare to the heat of the 20th century. The centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ are essentially counted using the Jewish calendar.

Click the graph to see an updated version together with an explanation what the numbers actually mean. ;-)

Paradoxically, the cause behind the blade is not global warming but rather global cooling. More precisely, it is a posting about global cooling. How can global cooling create such a horrifying hockey stick graph?

I was explained that the mechanism is called "instalanche" which is a portmonteau for "Instapundit avalanche" and you can Google out what it means. Well, and 20+ other websites linking to the same posting have also contributed but those 13,000 visits a day still deserve to be called an "instalanche".

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