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Intellectuals beat Allah in Somalia

Because you might be confused who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in Eastern Africa, let me mention some of the main players:

  • Ali Mohammed Ghedi, an animal surgeon who became the Somalian prime minister in November 2004
  • Meles Zenawi, the prime minister of Ethiopia since 1995; the closest approximation to a Christian social democrat in the region you can get

These guys are essentially on the same side in their fight for Somalia. Who is on the other side?

In Somalia, the Islamic teenagers were winning a big deal a week ago or so. They were inviting other Islamic bastards - foreign holy warriors whose lives could have been saved if their parents spanked them a bit more intensely - to fight for the right of Allah to cripple another nation. However, the forces close to Ghedi's transitional government, led by

suddenly started to fight properly and they just humiliated and annihilated the Islamic bastards after four days or so. The support from the Ethiopian military, the strongest army in the region, was certainly helpful. Although the transitional government says that Furuh's militias are not identical to their own, it is generally expected that Furuh's troops will give Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, to the transitional government. Furuh is a friend of America.

Figure 1: This old guy is also a good one. He is a capitalist who is protecting the assets of his family from looters, crackpots, fanatics, and similar stuff.

The Islamic madness has to be stopped and even relatively unimportant places like Somalia may turn out to be important. You can see where the world is going if no one fights them. Open There is a poll in which every terrorist can participate asking what was the happiest event of 2006: either the victory of the Hamas terrorists in Palestine, or the victory of the Hezbollah terrorists in the Lebanon war, or the victory of the Democrats in the U.S. elections. We report, you decide.

Without people such as Jama Furuh, this garbage is poised to spread everywhere.

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