Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Megafauna not killed by climate change

One of the claims of the proponents of the catastrophic climate change theory is that the climate change is a killer. More concretely, the extinction of the Australian megafauna - including giant goannas, five-meter-long pythons, and huge kangaroos, lizards, and marsupials - used to be explained by the climate change because the dead animals looked dry and stressed. ;-)

New research shows that it was not the case. A January 2007 paper in Geology shows that the population of these big mammals was a nearly constant function of the climate: a wet climate is supposed to be better for them but they survived the dry periods without any problems.

The animals died within 20,000 years after the arrival of the real culprit. His name was homo sapiens but you may call him Aborigine, too.

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