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Patent search: nine patents depend on string theory

Google has launched its new beta search engine:

containing the full text of the patents. This is a great opportunity to see the patents that depend on string theory. ;-) Among 7+ million patents, you will find
Needless to say, there are no patents based on loop quantum gravity, doubly special relativity, or similar constructs. ;-)

String theory is relevant for
  • gravitational measurements of gas non-uniformities
  • avoiding aging process
  • space vehicle propelled by inflation
  • method for learning data classification
  • database searching based on vector triplets
  • gravity wave generator and energy storage device
  • cyclone separator
  • pattern recognition based on the action used in string theory
  • dictionaries (this is actually just string-period-theory)

The most realistic patents are the electromagnetic anti-aging cure and the space vehicle by Boris Volfson. Do you think that all the entries above were filed by crackpots? Think twice. The triplets actually come from IBM, and there are other companies in the list.

Figure 1: The inflation-driven space vehicle. U.S. patent 6960975

By the way, at a conference about knowledge management, they chose this blog among the four in a network of physicists (book).

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