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Record cold temperatures: Southern California

One of our popular topics for broader audience: today, Los Angeles International Airport matched the 1924 record low temperature of 39 degrees. Lancaster, a city in the high desert north of Los Angeles, shivered at 16 degrees Fahrenheit, two degrees below the previous record from 1965.

Napa's record for 12/19 from 1924 of 22 degrees has been broken, too. Monterey tied the 1948 record low temperature: the closer you're to the ground, the colder it grows.

Figure 1: Blizzard in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska on 12/20.

In Australia, record cold temperatures are common. Melbourne will see the coldest Christmas day on record - 12/25/2006 - beating the previous number from 1935.

The previous similar article was about the record cold temperatures in the West of North America (plus Florida). The readers interested in the weather in South California could also look at an earlier article about snow in Los Angeles.

January 2007: There will be another record cold wave in Southern California and the terminator will declare the state of emergency.

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