Sunday, December 31, 2006

Snow in Cambridge

Figure 1: Cambridge Common: this is where George W. assumed leadership of the continental forces in 1775. Click to zoom in. Steven Pinker has a nicer but older snowy picture of the same area during the sunset.

It's nothing like the huge blizzard in 2005 and it is not as early as the snow in October 2005 but one thing is clear: snow is back in Boston. I used to think that it was impossible to take pictures at night but you can see a counterexample above. Everything is sharp except for the huge commuting yet non-commutative car that is stretched across another picture. The picture shows a world in which hbar is equal to 10,000 Joule seconds.

The snow is melting quickly at Harvard Square:

but remains relatively stable near the Memorial Hall:

But as you can see, we have nothing like a Frozen Fountain of South Carolina here.

Sorry that most of the photo galleries don't work because the Schwinger web server has been down for almost a week.

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