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Tommy Anderberg: On a journal system failure

By Tommy Anderberg, the unique visitor #800,000

First of all, my thanks to Luboš Motl for his kind offer to host this text on the Reference Frame. Next, my apologies for the parts which you, the reader, may find either too trivial or too dense. Just skim the former, skip the latter (maybe returning to them later), and you'll be fine. As I am addressing a mixed audience, I'll consider it a success if everybody finds something different to complain about. - T.A.

Back to the future, Kantrowitz style

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you know that NASA is going back to the moon in a big way. There is every reason to be excited about the reopening of the "high frontier", a term last heard in the 70s. While the past three decades have certainly seen great advances in the application of space technology to everyday life and science, most of that activity - and all of it involving humans - has been confined to low earth orbit. Mankind took a "giant step" back in the 60s, only to then retreat abruptly and stay put ever since. Why?


Unfortunately, due to a large size of the file (69kB) and formatting issues, you must click to see the rest of the essay. Thanks.

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