Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Abolishing a computer cluster

In the past, high-energy physicists could afford computer administrators which is why a separate high-energy computer cluster was created at Harvard, among other places.

That's not quite the case today and the Harvard high-energy group has lived without a full-time computer support - and with constantly malfunctioning printers, among other things - for several years. Does it mean that Harvard doesn't have enough money to provide a decent computer support for its high-energy physicists?

Yes and no. It is not hard to calculate that if the world were free of the irrational influence of feminism, the high-energy physics group could afford a computer support until Christmas of the year 3507. Unfortunately, the world is not free of these things which is why Harvard University was forced by some of its segments to pay for things like the $50 million diversity tax instead.

At any rate, the high-energy theoretical physics group has recently voted to get rid of the unsustainable cluster although no one quite knows who would actually do the actual job of transformation and its design and what the future computing would look like. Fortunately, the physics department staff is very good.

So today we got rid of the e-mail server. The web server hasn't worked for a week or so and it is likely that it never will but it will hopefully be redirected to a different place at some moment.

One of the first advantages of the new e-mail server is a better spam filter that has reduced the number of junk e-mails in my mailbox from approximately 150 to roughly 5 a day. I used to say that junk mail doesn't matter but it is true that I feel 20% less stressed and distracted without this particular annoyance.

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