Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chevrolet Volt

Click the picture for more. News from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit (click for more):

Chevrolet Volt can run for 40 miles on its lithium-ion battery before a small gasoline motor kicks in and recharges the battery. It is very quiet so it can quietly kill many people with bikes.

The car is also known as Chevy Joule/Coulomb or Chevy Watt/Ampere. Particle physicists call it Chevy 10-9 GeV/e and it is known to quantum gravity experts as Chevy K where K is a pure numerical constant in Planck units.

General Motors used to be the number one carmaker in the world. However, this spot is gonna be seized by Toyota, a company that plans to produce 2,500 copies of Toyota Matrix M-theory in 2007. Volt may be a modern enough answer to M-theory from GM. But what about Cadillac Matrix String Theory?

Venturi Astrolabe

If you believe peak oil, the system of Chevrolet Volt is not good enough for you. Instead, you should invest $117,000 to buy a Venturi Astrolabe with these nice :-) solar panels. It can run up to 110 km/hour.

Finally, if you think that all these electric car fans are somewhat insane, you may prefer an ordinary car. What about Mazda Ryuga? It is a flying car.

See News.Google.COM.


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