Friday, January 19, 2007

Czech government wins confidence

230 days after the elections, a new Czech government led by Mirek Topolánek has won the confidence of the Parliament. The center-right government has 9 people from the Civic Democratic Party, 5 Christian Democrats, and 4 Greens.

These three parties represent 100.00 out of 200.00 members of the Parliament and the support was only possible because of tolerance of two social democrats who left the room before the vote in order to end the 230-day-long "internal agony" as they called it. Their contract allegedly involved incorporation of unspecified social principles into the new government program which can hopefully be translated as "fog". ;-)

The vote has been greeted by derogatory remarks of the socialists such as Paroubek and Zaorálek, two of the main leaders of the current socialist-communist opposition.

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