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FooPlot: a free online function plotter

Did you ever need to plot a graph of a function but you didn't have access to your sophisticated mathematical software? With FooPlot.COM, you can do it in a few seconds. In fact, you can just add your function after the server name, e.g.

I chose a "fractal" function so that you can check their pan tool and the magnifying glass. Zooming in is easy: click at the zoom box and then you pick-and-drag a rectangle you want to see in detail. The setup is somewhat analogous to Google Earth although Boston Giga still seems to be better at zooming. The plotter allows you to plot up to 5 different functions in different colors.

They also have a three-dimensional plotter - the quality is very limited here so far - and many new features are being developed.

See also scientific calculators in flash - SWF.

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