Friday, January 19, 2007

Stephen Colbert and Bill O'Reilly: pundit exchange program

Tonight, Stephen Colbert will appear on "The O'Reilly Factor" (Foxnews, 8:00 pm). Also, Bill O'Reilly will appear on "The Colbert Report" (Comedy Central, 11:30 pm). Recall that O'Reilly's program used to be called "O'Reilly Report", too - and it is no coincidence. An encounter of a great journalist and his supreme imitator could be a lot of fun.

Figure 1: Colbert is not short. It is O'Reilly who is 6-foot-4 tall (cite the Reference Frame for this piece of information if you needed it). Click the picture to see both men getting ready for the shows. ;-)

After the show

I think that both shows were priceless. These guys clearly like each other and respect each other at a deeper level. You know, I like Colbert partially because his version of O'Reilly still sounds good to me in most cases. Sometimes he exaggerates but otherwise what he says is morally true, and I don't really care whether someone thinks that all these things are just jokes.

On the Factor, O'Reilly started with an attempt to create the atmosphere that he wanted to break Colbert's mouth. Colbert replied with a well-memorized exercise how great it is to be in a no-spin zone inside the world that's spinning. O'Reilly investigated why Colbert changed his English pronounciation to the French one. You must do what the liberal elites like, Colbert jokingly answered while careful spectator noticed that it was 100% true.

When O'Reilly screamed and asked whether Colbert was a Colbeeerkh or Kolbrt, it was pretty obvious that his anger was just a game. Colbert explained that he didn't owe money to O'Reilly because he is not imitating him, only emulating him. Ask your lawyer, I will. ;-) They discussed Colbert's fear from bears.

O'Reilly repeatedly emphasized that Colbert owes everything to O'Reilly and I think that Colbert knows very well that it is kind of the case. On the other hand, O'Reilly doesn't care because such an imitator makes him even greater, so it is very natural that these guys really like each other even if they behave like Tom & Jerry.

On the Report, Colbert also praised his papa bear. A great painting of O'Reilly was there and Bill wanted it - to send it to the New York Times. Colbert recommended O'Reilly's book - he's read it many times and he's living it - with a 30% discount sticker over Bill's face :-), and they discussed the culture wars. NBC turned out to be worse in the culture wars than gay marriage, illegal immigrants, and activist judges because it incorporates all the other groups.

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