Sunday, January 07, 2007

Summer is back in New England

Yesterday, on Saturday, we had a gorgeous day in Northeast. The previous record high temperature of 16 Celsius degrees in Cambridge was humiliated by a new record of 21 Celsius degrees. As far as I can say, everyone loved it and no one had to sacrifice his or her life.

(I had to remove the short verb because otherwise Google spams my blog with the unpaid charity banners.)

Figure 1: Pete and Bob enjoyed it, too.

Today, the temperatures are gonna be 10 Celsius degrees below Saturday's temperatures, very far from a record, but it will still be pleasant. The latter adjective will be getting less relevant as we approach Wednesday when minus five Celsius degrees is forecast for Boston. ;-)

Before you say "global warming" as opposed to "weather" or "continuing winds from the South", let me tell you that Pakistan, especially its main outsourcing zone around Lahore, saw the coldest day since 1935 on the very same Saturday. The record cold temperatures were also set in North India. Four people's lives were sadly ended during the 24-hour-long period.

The previous posting about record temperatures focused on New Zealand and Colorado (where they are still freezing).

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