Saturday, January 13, 2007

Terminator declares state of emergency

The governor of California who recently broke his leg during skiing has declared
to save the homeless people and citruses from the freezing weather.

The governor of Oklahoma is not terribly original so he has declared

because of an ice storm. The big chill will break the record lows in Monterey County, San Rafael, Ventura County and Nevada on Saturday and it is going to move to the East. While the East Coast and much of Europe enjoy a relatively warm winter so far, California experiences near-record or record low temperatures while Washington keeps on closing their schools in a snow-rich skiing season.

Los Angeles will see the record low temperatures on Sunday morning much like several towns in Orange County. That's nothing compared to Utah where Delta broke the previous record low by 19 degrees!

Users in Santa Barbara where they will approach the record lows tonight keep on searching the answer to the question "Why it's so cold when we have global warming?". Sometimes they end up on this blog.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator who is formally a Republican, has - simultaneously with his plan to fight the freezing weather in California - decided to terminate the "global warming" in a plan that must surely be stunning even for Robocop, Superman, as well as Batman. While The Reference Frame is proud about this fellow citizen of Austria-Hungary, I view his approach to the climate as something that resembles some of his movies which may be unnecessarily detached from reality.

Arnold is not the only formally conservative politician who has lost his mind in terms of the climate. The British Tories have proposed a crazy plan to reduce the carbon emissions by 80% before 2050. Nick Hurd who is formally a conservative said that even the infamous Stern report wasn't alarmist enough! They obviously try to show that they're even more environmentally radical than the Labor Party. This event and several other events they have recently done are so crazy that I would vote for Tony Blair in the U.K. if I had to choose.

Also, Angela Merkel's CDU in Germany attempts to be greener than the European Commission while the center-left SPD kept some common sense and they urge Merkel to resist the EU on emissions. Stephen Harper of Canada is getting green, too. For example, he has moved Rona Ambrose, the former Environment minister of Canada, to a different job.

See also: record low temperatures in SoCal in December 2006 and snow in L.A. in March 2006.

Kuril islands: earthquake

If you're in Japan, try to find the closest tree and climb. A few minutes ago, Kuril islands experienced a magnitude 7.7 - 8.4 earthquake that may cause tsunami in Japan.

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