Thursday, January 04, 2007

Towards a grand unified field theory based on Phi recursion and quantum gravity

If you thought that Gabriel Agbasi was the most diverse multi-dimensional genius in the world, think again.

A reader has pointed out that, Sal Giandinoto PhD, an original thinker, has been nearly able to find the theory of everything. When you click below, you will see a truly amazing product of human creativity. ;-)
The theory is based on Mona Lisa, the Julia set, linked tori, DNA, quartz crystals, Romana, Da Vinci deception, CP violation, Calabi-Yau spaces, MPEG, green lasers, SU(377) X SU(233) X SU(144) X SU(89) gauge group, Hare Krishna, and Edward Witten, among many other important ingredients. ;-)

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