Friday, February 16, 2007

Antarctica disagrees with climate models

See PhysORG.COM fore more details. Via Bob Ferguson.

In Science magazine, Richard Kerr explains that the glaciers in Greenland and elsewhere have been observed to abruptly decrease or increase their apparent size and no ice expert knows why. Nevertheless, environmental activists tried to push these scientists - most of whom were affiliated with the IPCC panel - to extrapolate their glacier predictions for a century or so. The only thing that an honest and polite scientist may say in such a situation is "F&#$ off, green commie". But do you think that all climate scientists are that honest and polite? Via Benny Peiser (the summary is mine).

Incidentally, in the afternoon, Boston time, a person made a Google search for three words,
  • vaclav klaus questions
and got to this blog. That would not be so unusual except that the user happened to be in Oita, Japan. It turns out that President Klaus was in Oita, Japan, at the same moment. Draw your own conclusions. ;-)

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