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David Orrell: Apollo's arrow

David Orrell is a mathematician in Vancouver who studies complexity and chaos theory. His new book, Apollo's arrow, is now 16th bestselling book at In America, it is called "The Future of Everything".

He asks whether long-term predictions can be trusted or whether they're just a form of religion. He also asks whether disagreements between climate models and reality are due to butterflies or due to errors in the models. Of course, his answer is that the long-term predictions of the climate and the economy are not getting any better; errors are due to errors in the models.

Orrell puts the new religion of Gaia and environmentalism in the context of previous religions and ideologies. People can't live without making long-term predictions even though these predictions are bound to be wrong.

See review in National Post. Via Benny Peiser.


Pat Sajak explains that the people who believe in catastrophic human-induced global warming and who still drive cars etc. despite knowing that it will destroy the Earth ;-) are monsters - while those who don't believe apocalyptic human-induced global warming may morally justify their cars by their ignorance.

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