Monday, February 05, 2007

First Canadian climate PhD: AGW is the greatest deception of science

Timothy Ball, the first Canadian citizen who received a PhD for climatology and who has been a professor of climatology for 32 years - specializing in paleoclimate and the interactions of humans and the climate - explains why the anthropogenic CO2-caused global warming is the

and why no one listens. Also, Lawrence Solomon in National Post (Canada) has 10-part series about the global warming deniers. You can start, for example, with our fellow blogger & solar physicist

Thanks God, one more "denier", Miroslav Ouzký MD (Civic Democratic Party, Czech Republic), became the new chair of the environment committee of the European Parliament. Congratulations. Incidentally, Ms Anna Záborská, a Slovak Christian Democrat who is pro-life, anti-gay-rights, and anti-special-women-rights, remained the leader of the gender committee. Very good.

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