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Keep asking WHY

In 2000 when I was in Santa Cruz, I simply loved these "Ask Why" commercials - including one with Murray Gell-Mann below - except that I had no clue what the company was doing. ;-)

Murray Gell-Mann told me at SidneyFest that he had some interactions with the bosses of that company and they were nice guys. I am sure they were.

While I like the general message that "Why" is an important question, I wouldn't subscribe to any detailed policies of Enron. Recall that Enron has been the strongest corporate proponent of the flawed Kyoto protocol in the U.S. and it was trying to bribe politicians into accepting this mad treaty:

One of Enron's major consultants of its own internal global warming study was James Hansen of NASA, the U.S. father of global warming. Although Enron wanted the study to end up with catastrophic predictions, the study concluded that the climate alarm could very well be a false alarm. Enron censored its own study and never published it (see the CATO page for more details).

The company thus became a prototype of a company, a country, or a society that starts to build on hot air and non-existent effects. When you start to invent non-existent events such as global warming catastrophes, you're just one step from inventing \$11 billion of non-existent profits and two steps from Cliff Baxter's trigger.

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