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LHC music

Three news related to CERN. Those who like the background music should know that it is by

The voices are really nice but someone had to put the amazing music and lyrics together. Dr Silvano De Gennaro was so nice to allow his music to be played here. You may either join his fan club here or press ESC to stop the great music in most browsers. ;-)

An error has been corrected: the 3rd lecture of Barton Zwiebach at CERN was updated so that it now contains Prof Zwiebach's view on the "competitor". The incomplete video was - at least officially - due to a problem with the length of the tape used and the changeover time. Now you can see everything except for a few seconds.

I was explained that the word "censorship" is not found in CERN's dictionary which is great. Yesterday I wanted to mention a very nice colloquium but the speaker didn't allow me to do so. The speaker was from CERN. ;-)

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