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New Scientist: dynamic heart of particle physics no longer beats in US

The Nude Socialist has an article about the LHC, the ILC, and related things:

They argue that the dynamic heart of particle physics no longer beats in the United States. On Monday, we were shown how dynamic Greek hearts of particle physics may beat in Switzerland but I don't have permission to write about it.

Even though I don't have permission, I can't resist to tell you that supersymmetry may be discovered within a few hours at the LHC, although it can take a bit longer to calibrate the background. We have already seen the title page and abstract of the paper that will announce the discovery of supersymmetry in December 2008 at sqrt(s) = 14 TeV. ;-)

You know, e.g. Nima is a very optimistic person but he keeps on saying that it will take years or decades to discover XY on the LHC, there will be 1-year-or-so interruptions, and all these things. Jesus Christ. ;-) The CERN people must have learned their lesson with LEP (which stands for a Lot of Extra Problems) and there are good reasons to think that everything must be much more smooth this time.

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